Support for South African Families: SASSA Status Check 2023 Grants

In its efforts to aid financially challenged households, SASSA, formerly known as the South African Social Security Agency, introduced the Social Relief of Distressed Grant (SRD) program. This initiative aims to provide assistance to vulnerable families in South Africa. The SASSA Status Check 2023 is set to prioritize grant distributions for different segments of the population: Senior Citizens on August 2, 2023; Disabled Individuals on August 3, 2023; and Children on August 4, 2023.

Government Grants: A Helping Hand for South Africans in Need

The South African government has established several grant programs to offer support to its less fortunate citizens. If you require assistance, you can reach out through the toll-free helpline at 0800 601011 or send an email to [email protected]. For checking the status of your grant payments, the official SASSA website,, is the place to go.

Understanding the SRD Program: SASSA Status Check 2023

SASSA also referred to as the South African Social Security Agency, plays a pivotal role in aiding low-income families within the country through the implementation of the Social Relief of Distressed Grant (SRD) program. Originating as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this initiative is responsible for the management and distribution of government funds allocated for relief.

SASSA Status Check

Since its inception in 2005, the SRD program has served as a lifeline for a variety of individuals, including foster children, widows, senior citizens, differently-abled individuals, war veterans, and more. To check the status of your SASSA grant for the year 2023, you have multiple avenues available, including the Moya App, WhatsApp, or SMS on your mobile device.

The Moya App is downloadable from both the Apple Store and Google Play Store, and it assists in verifying the success of your grant application. SASSA’s core objective is to support its residents. While some recipients may encounter challenges related to fund distribution, SASSA remains committed to ensuring that eligible applicants receive their rightful grants. Keeping track of the status of your SRD350 grant is made convenient through the website

Payment Status and Dates for SASSA Grants

  • Name: Social Relief of Distress
  • Administered by: SASSA
  • Grant for Senior Citizens: August 2, 2023
  • Grant for Disabled People: August 3, 2023
  • Grant for Children: August 4, 2023
  • Status Check:

Requesting a Reconsideration of Your R350 Grant from SASSA

There are instances when things don’t unfold as expected, even in the realm of grant applications. If you suspect an error in your R350 grant application with SASSA, you have the option to request a review. SASSA meticulously examines all personal and financial details to determine eligibility for the R350 grant. Presently, delays are occurring due to communication challenges between SASSA and banks.

However, there’s no need for concern. If you are dissatisfied with the outcome, you can initiate an appeal. SASSA’s official website offers a page called the SASSA Reconsideration page on the SRD portal, which provides guidance on this process. In cases where inaccurate information is present in your application, it may impact your grant status. The “means test” evaluates your details to ascertain eligibility for the grant.

To obtain information about the progress of your SASSA grant without any cost, visit the official SASSA website: Each time your information is reviewed, your grant status is updated, considering your financial situation. If you haven’t specified your preferred method of receiving the grant, you can visit any South African Post Office (SAPO) to collect it.

Simple Steps to Check Your SASSA Status

  1. Visit Online: Access on the internet.
  2. Check Status: Select “Check your Status” from the menu.
  3. Provide Details: Enter your unique ID number and click “Submit.”
  4. View Status: The next page will display whether your application has been approved, is under review, or has been declined.
  5. Further Assistance: If your status remains unclear, feel free to contact SASSA for additional help.

Checking SASSA Status Using the Moya App

  1. Download the App: Start by downloading the Moya app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Access SASSA: Open the Moya app and navigate to the “SASSA Grant” section.
  3. Choose an Option: From the dropdown menu, select “From” and then access your SASSA SRD status.
  4. Share Information: Opt for “Application Status” and input your ID number.
  5. Submit: Tap “Submit” to ascertain the status of your application, whether it’s approved or pending.

It’s important to note that for more detailed information regarding your grant status, you can communicate directly with SASSA.

Factors Considered by SASSA for Appeals

SASSA meticulously evaluates various sources of income. Discrepancies between your ID details and application information may pose a concern. Existing grants received by applicants are also taken into account. Financial obligations, as well as registration with UIF or NSFAS, are considered by SASSA. Additionally, if records from the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) indicate that an individual is no longer alive, this is factored into the assessment.

Insights into R350 Grant Approval

  1. Approval Process: Upon thorough review of your application and confirmation of accuracy, you will receive your R350 SASSA grant on a monthly basis.
  2. Bank Details Requirement: If your application is accepted but you haven’t provided banking information, you will be directed to furnish these details at
  3. Renewal Requirement: Due to the impact of COVID-19, reapplication for the R350 grant is necessary annually. If you’ve reapplied, your application status will be marked as “pending.”
  4. Waiting for Assessment: If SASSA has received your updated application but hasn’t yet completed the review process, your status will reflect as “Pending.” Further updates will be communicated.
  5. Approval Confirmation: An “Approved” status signifies your eligibility for the grant. You can check the anticipated payment date as SASSA continues its efforts in this regard.
  6. Application Declined: In cases where certain criteria prevent the grant from being issued, a “Declined” status is indicated. However, remember that you have a month’s window to request a reevaluation or reconsideration from SASSA.

In Conclusion

SASSA’s initiatives offer essential support to South African families in need. The 2023 SASSA Status Check emphasizes the allocation of grants to different categories of recipients, demonstrating the agency’s commitment to socio-economic welfare. Whether through online platforms, apps, or direct communication, individuals have multiple avenues to access information about their grant status, ensuring transparency and ease of interaction with SASSA’s services