‘Bedurulanka 2012’ film evaluate: Kartikeya and Neha Shetty’s quirky social satire directed by Clax is partly amusing, partly persistence testing

Kartikeya Gummakonda in director Clax’s Telugu dramedy ‘Bedurulanka 2012’

Kartikeya Gummakonda in director Clax’s Telugu dramedy ‘Bedurulanka 2012’

Stay like there is no such thing as a tomorrow is an announcement we now have come throughout. What does it really imply to be unmindful of how we could be perceived by society? In the direction of the top of Bedurulanka 2012, debut author and director Clax explores this concept with a motley bunch of characters on the island of Yedurulanka in AP. It’s December 21, 2012, they usually have been intently following the doomsday predictions and suppose there is no such thing as a tomorrow. The central character, Shiva (Kartikeya Gummakonda) watches as every villager reveals soiled secrets and techniques after which provides in to revelry, with no worry of tomorrow. This is among the many attention-grabbing segments on this social satire that appears at superstitions, exploitation of worry and mob behaviour.

A sure suspension of disbelief is important to take pleasure in Bedurulanka 2012. A decade in the past, would a complete island village in Andhra Pradesh have been so naive to hearken to pretend godmen who promise to avoid wasting them from the upcoming finish of the universe? Clax presents fiction with exaggerated, quirky characters. 

Bedurulanka 2012 (Telugu)

Forged: Kartikeya Gummakonda, Neha Shetty, Ajay Ghosh, Satya

Route: Clax

Storyline: A practical protagonist tries to make a village perceive that the world isn’t ending and that they needn’t hearken to pretend godmen.

Music: Manisharma

This story of pragmatism successful over superstitions is narrated with references to the worry of the falling of the Skylab satellite tv for pc, the Hollywood science fiction catastrophe movie 2012 and a hilarious reference to Kate Winslet and Titanic.

Since Clax needs to color the complete island inhabitants as naive and susceptible, he depicts the one pragmatic character of the lot, Shiva, as an informed teenager who works within the metropolis. Via a enjoyable preliminary sequence that takes a dig at run-of-the-mill movie producers, the movie establishes that Shiva isn’t any pushover. A graphic designer, he creates a photorealistic tiger solely to be informed that the graphics should ‘present’. He leaves his job in a huff and returns to his island village, the place Chinese language whispers concoct an entire new story of why he left town. The hilarious sequence serves as a trailer to know the psyche of individuals within the village.

With the doomsday approaching, what occurs when a bunch of males got down to benefit from the villagers? Gripped by worry, Yedurulanka turns Bedurulanka. Ajay Ghosh who calls himself Yedurulanka Chiranjeevi, together with pretend godmen — one Hindu and one other Christian — begins to use folks. The president of the village (Goparaju Ramana) is equally gullible. 

The tussles between these males and Shiva and the exploration of how persons are taken for a journey, is narrated with occasional enjoyable traces reminiscent of ‘gorrelu vacchhayi’ (the lambs are right here). That is punctuated by the romance between Shiva and Chitra (Neha Shetty) that banks on the latter’s glam quotient and nothing extra.

Quickly, Bedurulanka 2012 runs out of steam with the gags getting repetitive. The movie redeems itself within the remaining phase with the arrival of Satya and Vennela Kishore and Shiva (whose full title is a hat tip to celebrity Chiranjeevi) taking management of issues to make the villagers have a look at issues pragmatically. A number of gags orchestrated by Shiva and gang work.

The performances from the leads are efficient, though not too particular, and the actors taking part in the a number of villagers additionally do their bit. The characters performed by Ajay Ghosh, Srikanth Iyengar and Rajkumar Kasireddy change into grating after a degree.

If solely Bedurulanka 2012 had not stretched the thought too far, it may have been a recreation changer of an indie movie.

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